the One and Only Product to Get Rid Of House Geckos

Free samples.
First order with deferred payment after sales.

Possibility of becoming a reseller.




including by Numeric Trade.

Digital Nomads are welcome.

High potential for profits

This website is reserved for professionals of Pest Control firms, and for private individuals who want to start their own business. As the market is untapped, without competitors, this activity alone can become a full-time job.


is an unprecedented, ethical, efficient product to get rid of House Geckos also known as Wall Geckos or Asian Geckos.


This product is intended to be used indoors only. 


GeckoTox is the only product and method to get rid of House Geckos in the world.


Do you feel you have to be different and have enough clairvoyance; 
will you love to be well informed about this business to be the
very first person to offer this service in your vicinity?

You could become the exclusive distributor of this product in your area, with no competition,

do you like it?

 There is a high potential demand.
Nobody can provide this demand except you if you sell and install 


To summarize: the market is huge, the profits will be important.

How Do I Propose The Product?

I am available to mail you a free package containing sample products on request.

Basically, I propose you to test GeckoTox at the habitat of the geckos or anywhere you always sight them, probably at your home or at your friends' and relatives' homes. It is important that you become aware of the effectiveness of the product/method.

After this, the activity will enable you to diversify and increase your profits as soon as the product will be registered in your country.
Some of you who are not in the Pest control industry yet can open a specific business dedicated to gecko control: this is perfect for nomadic people who are living in RV. If you are one of them: wherever you go, (in the geographical areas of House Geckos), you will always find customers since the market is untapped.



Product's samples are totally free for everyone who has been contacted via advertising emails.

Watch videos and photos (in the page "Efficiency")  to have a first idea.

Test efficiency with the samples, do your own market testing. I will tell you how in a while. You'll see whether there are positive responses and feedbacks.


The 1kg product's sample package is enough for your tests, and for 3 clients. It represents a retail value of about $ 585. If you were allowed to sell it, this turnover would be a net profit for you. This package contains about 96 little containers and adhesives, and about half a liter or 0.11 US gallon liquid.



After you have been convinced of the effectiveness with the samples, then I would mail your first package without you have to pay, we will share the profits after selling.

This is an offer only done to each new seller in areas that are yet to be covered. This offer will not last forever.

A 5 kg package represents a retail value of around $ 3,500.
A 7 kg package represents a retail value of around $ 4,800.


If you can not sell your first package, you do not pay me. I would be surprised you can not pay me, or you do not want to pay me ...
In my humble opinion, you'll be in a hurry to buy some ...







Because some of your potential clients don't like that:

Because profesionnal who are concerned with hygiene and
protection against soiling would be interested in

Because some potential clients do not like to eat leftovers of geckos

(breakfast leftovers here, but many other leftovers...)

Because some manufacturers would like to avoid
lawsuits and the degradation of their brand image.

Because scientists say common house geckos are invasive foreign species harmful for local species.

Because the scientists has proven it, that common house geckos are harmful for man because of the bacteria they contain and because of the bacteria ejected in their feces.

Because scientists have demonstrated house geckos are harmful to man.

If you want to read evidence of this harm, go to this page:

Would you like to drink the water of this fridge?

Proposed business strategies


After having tested the product personnaly and being convinced of its effectiveness:


Those who already are professionals in the Pest Control industry can install the remaining GeckoTox samples in the homes and places of work of their regular custumers:

Set a tariff. Tell your clients they can pay later in a few weeks come after they might have been satisfied with how effective the product is.

If they will not, (that's impossible if they are in good faith), remove the baits. If they are satisfied, let the baits in place, don't ask for payment as you are not allowed to sell commercial samples (depending on each country laws).
After this sort of market testing, you will be able to decide whether you will buy or not buy the packages of GeckoTox.


Those who are not professionnals in the Pest Control industry yet, can find clients by launching advertising postcards campaigns regularly to do Home-party sellings. It's a nice way to make a living when you're nomadic, because you can work when you want, where you want, at the pace you want. That's possible only in the countries where the Postal Services offer to target specific neighborhoods. The first campaign will be to my financial burden. It will be your market testing. Either people will call you, you'll earn money. Either nobody will call you, you will have not wasting time nor energy since you'll stay at home, in your RV, or elsewhere. 

After this sort of market testing, you will be able to decide whether you will buy or not buy the packages of GeckoTox.


Those who want to do Digital Trade have only to find their clientele of Pest Control companies through email campaigns or some other way. In any case, it's only me who handles the shipments of GeckoTox. These Digital Traders receive payments from their clients, and make bills without ever physically touching the goods. Did you notice what it means?  You do not have to buy before selling!

Of course, you can choose buying me the goods to store it somewhere. As you wish.

Customer Benefits And Business Benefits


The process is simply ethical; the animal does not suffer. GeckoTox is effective and has been tested for a very long time with enthusiastic positive feedbacks. People are impressed.

You just have to know in advance that the product acts in the long run, it is not a product with instant effect that kills all geckos in one fell swoop.

Additionally, it is non-polluting and not dangerous for people and pets.

GeckoTox has a very significant advantage to your Pest Control company because you offer a product that is not proposed by your competitors. The market is favorable because it is not a common product. A lot of people would deem they needed GeckoTox if they knew it existed, so let them know!

Even though we have many people that have nothing against geckos, but still we have so many people who are looking for ways to get rid of them because of soilings and damages they do to electronic appliances.


Verily, organizations like Museums, Hospitals, Distribution Warehouses, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Deli foods, Butcher shops, Bakeries, Plants manufacturing food products, medical products, high-tech products, and other places that are concerned with soilings and hygien should be interested in GeckoTox. Solicit them!

You can be among the first companies in your country to provide a complete offer to your customers, against all the pests.

There was no product against House Geckos before GeckoTox. Selling this product will put you in a monopoly position in your customer catchment area.

Like a pyramid scheme


Most sales will be through distributors who search other distributors in order to sell to them.

To enable faster growth of sales, ACTIS is acting in a way like a pyramid scheme or multi level marketing scheme (without being this system because you can sell to only one level and share the profits of only this single level). 

You can become an installer, and a distributor too for the pest control firms you will convince to buy the goods to you.
Isn't it better you control your competitors by selling Geckotox to them than they control you by selling Geckotox to you?
Be the distributor of Geckotox before someone else decides to become one in your vincinity... 

Most of the time, you will be dealing with my partners companies for payments because the company ACTIS wishes to
remain an exporting manufacturer rather than being a commercial player who spends his time looking for customers.

Contact Me

Surf through other pages of this website. If you're interested in seeing and touching these containers, special adhesive, liquid, contact me.

You are also free to ask any question that comes to your mind. Even the most disturbing ones are also welcome.

I will prefer you to write emails to me because I am not fluent in English, but of course, you can put a call through as I will be so happy to try to speak in English with you.

ACTIS sarl-eurl 

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97400 Saint-Denis Reunion - France

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