the One and Only Product to Get Rid Of House Geckos

This chapter about money is purposely treated here in a humorous tone with these images. It is to draw your attention to the fact that this activity has a very high potential for you.

Reminder: Untapped market, Monopoly situation, Demand without supply ...

How much is it?


Do your market testings with the free samples and with your first package  you
got with deferred payment, 
then we will talk about purchase price.



Manufacturer's suggested  minimum retail price in the USA:

The minimum benefit in USD for travel and for installing 4 containers should be $ 95

 $ 3.82 per additional container.


Of course, every Pest Control company manager is free to charge for the rates he wants.


At this price, average invoice with 30 little containers should be US $ 195


The more containers there are, the more it is effective. Repeat it to your customers.


With 1000 advertising postcarts, one might expect 6 paying clients. Average is 13 paying clients depending many parameters (places, product, price, advertising design, etc.)

One client should be treated during one hour in average.
As all clients are in the same neigborhood, distance and time travel between them are short.
6 customers a day represents daily $ 1170 turnover to be shared  between you and me.

Reminder: Proposed business strategy for Pest Control Companies


After you're convinced of the effectiveness of the product, install the remaining samples for your regular customers for free (in their homes and places of work).

Tell your clients they can pay later in a few weeks come after they might have been satisfied with how effective the product is.

If they will not, (that's impossible if they are in good faith), after they have tested it freely, then you'll be able to decide whether you'll buy or not buy the packages of GeckoTox, because you'll know with certainty whether you will make money or not.

Suggested pricing strategy


Propose your clients to install 2 baits by door and window. Total depending on the size of each house and the number of rooms. Do the math and offer a tariff.

If some customers are reluctant because they estimate it is too expensive, let them decide on the total amount of containers. This will allow them to determine the final price themselves. This method will let you know how much people are willing to pay.

Know that by charging a relatively high flat fee in addition to the variable rate that depends on the number of containers, you will encourage customers not to install an exaggerated number of containers. Despite appearances, you will earn more money with this method because paradoxically, it is more profitable financially to have a lot of small low billings, rather than few high billings especially if your customers are located in the same geographical area.

Advertising Postcards (US market)

That's the best method for nomadic people, but Pest control Companies can do the same.
Here below, in black and white, a comics model that will be installed in a postcard advertising. It will obviously be colored.

This postcard can be copied, printed and mailed by all professionals who want it. 

In the US, several companies can mail advertising postcards to targeted neighborhoods: TARADEL, UPS, US POSTAL SERVICES (EDDM service).

By targeting a particular neighborhood, this allows you to get customers in the same geographic area for the same time period. If you manage appointments well, customers can be treated in a row. This limits travel times. This helps to treat more customers in a day.

A goal of 6 clients a day is probably achievable. Tests must be carried out to know the advertising means to implement to obtain these 6 customers per day.

Advertising postcards campains are like a fishing trip...

Do you think it is impossible to fish 6 paying clients among 1000 to 1500 sendings? These customers are going to tell their neighbors, their friends, their co-workers, their relatives, that geckos are like frozen on the walls. Some will want to buy too ...


Draft for 2 strips

to be installed on a  part of advertising postcard

(one ont front side, second on back side)

Another version of this above postcard could be drawn for Muslim countries if Pest Control companies from Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Barhein, Kuwait are interested in mailing advertising postcards.

Proposed wordings inside the drawings:

صوت الوزغ في كل مكان
إنه يختبئ بعيدا في زاوية مظلمة
صوت نقيق و زقزقة الوزغ
إنه صوت مزعج و مخيف

The song of the Gecko is everywhere
It's hiding away in a dark corner

Gecko- Ccc - O

It's unsettling and creepy