the One and Only Product to Get Rid Of House Geckos

2018/2019 austral summer in Reunion Island, France, Indian Ocean
(the seasons are reversed) 


Most of these geckos were caught in the same place while there is a lot of bait in this apartment. The reason is simple: I voluntarily left an open window so that the outside geckos could enter more easily for the purpose of demonstrating the effectiveness of the product. The geckos were therefore trapped at the closest bait to the open window.

Can you do that with an "untreated" gecko?

It is not a trick or a photomontage. Watch the videos below.



Watch ...

All the videos are in french, but no need to listen, the footage are demonstrative.

All these videos and photos are related to the same apartment. Each line concerns a gecko different from the other tracks.

The active is deliberately under-dosed to avoid killing as much as possible. The goal is to anesthetize as much as possible.

Your customers will decide for themselves whether they kill them or not.

In this appartment, two geckos trapped on average each month. It's because there are few in this building. Several have not been photographed or filmed. It may not seem like much, but it's a lot. Is there a faster process? No, there is nothing else in the world.

Saturday, 27th november, 2018


Duration: 1:42


Duration: 2:29


Duration: 0:33

Monday, 5th november, 2018

Thuday 20th december, 2018

this one will wake up too

Monday,  31st december, 2018


Wednesday, 16th of january, 2019

Duration: 4:55

Here is a very interesting case. This gecko was anesthetized 3 times in 28 days. It can be recognized by its cut tail which is at different stages of growth in each of the images.

Friday 25th january, 2019 

Duration: 1:58

This gecko was discovered late. Probably after 1 day and half . Perhaps 2 days after anesthesia, or a little more. At the time of these footage, he was awaking.

Observe its tail. It is the same gecko on the pictures below.  Its tail regrows as and as time passes.

That's the same gecko 29 days after its first trapping.

It is doubtless the same gecko than the previous video (of friday 25th january, 2019). Observe its cut tail. One month later, its tail has begun to grow.

This photo shows that a gecko that has been anesthetized once, will still drink the bait again.

As a reminder: these baits have been intentionally under-dosed with active substance, in order to not kill the geckos systematically.

Friday 22sd february, 2019 

Unusual posture: it hangs at the end of its paws. Unusual color: it is darker (because of hypothermia).
This gecko is asleep or dead. We will know it within 12 to 24 hours.

Edit: On saturday morning, this gecko was no more here. Thus, it was just anesthetized as desired. In a while, he will be anesthetized again. Wait and see!


Sunday 31st february, 2019 

9 days after its 2nd trapping, 28 days after its 1st trapping:

Here again the same gecko that is recognizable by its tail that is regrowing.

Is not this proof that GeckoTox is an ethical process?

This same gecko was trapped 3 times over a period of 37 days:

- First time on friday 25th january, 2019. 
- Second time on friday 22sd february, 2019. 
- Third time on sunday 31st february, 2019.
Each time it was anesthetized, woke up, left, then came back to drink a bait. 
This scenario can last during all his life. This gecko has no after-effects. He can not remember this previous anesthesia.

At one of your customers it would have been trapped and one would have got rid of him permanently. At my home, I do not get rid of it because it is a subject  of study.

Finally, I had pity on this poor gecko. I put it in a closed box. I waited for his awakening. I released him a few dozen meters from my building: at its home, ie in nature. Each home. As long as you do not pay me a rent, you will not have the right to stay at my home!

Sunday 7th april, 2019 


The same day, the same gecko.

Duration: 2:24

You can admire my very high potential for speaking English.

I continue like this for 3 days and I become perfectly bilingual!

This gecko has kept its light color instead of darkening. This seems to show that he has drunk little product, that his hypothermia is weak, that its anesthesia is shallow. It may not be here tomorrow ... but we still had time to catch it and get rid of it.

Monday morning 8th april, 2019: This gecko has deasapered. It will probably trapped again in a few days or in a few weeks. Let's wait ...

Tuesday 30th april, 2019 


The same day, the same gecko.

Duration: 1:41

1st may, 2019 

14th may, 2019 

19th may, 2019 

This one was not caught with GeckoTox. It hasn't drunk it. It's just to show that the Geckos are walking around without anyone realizing it.19th may, 2019 

23rd may, 2019 

This one was not caught with GeckoTox. It hasn't drunk it. It's just to show that the Geckos are walking around without anyone realizing it.19th may, 2019 

25th may, 2019 

The same. He was put in prison. 
25th may, 2019 

There will probably be no more pictures because it's winter in the southern hemisphere. Geckos are not very active during the cool season.