the One and Only Product to Get Rid Of House Geckos




Handle the stack of adhesive strips with great care. Separate one strip, being careful that one glue does not stick to another piece.

Do not waste them. An adhesive that bends and sticks on itself is a lost adhesive because you cannot unstick it off and lay it flat again.



Transfer the liquid to a bottle at approximately to the halfway point to allow effective shaking.

Before use at each customer, shake vigorously for at least 20 seconds.

Shake every half hour again during about 5 seconds as to obtain a uniform distribution of the active substance in each container.



Step 1: Stick an adhesive on the vertical side of a container. 

Step 2: Position the container paying attention to horizontality and verticallity before sticking it on the wall .

Step 3When stuck, put the thumb inside the container. Press very strongly during a few seconds.

Step 4: Fill the container up to the level line which is inside, or a little lower.

How long should the baits be left in place?

Since geckos will never be eradicated in your country nor anywhere in the world, there will always be geckos outside. Sooner or later, they will enter. So, 
GeckoTox baits are intended to be installed and left in place forever. That's why these small containers need to be properly installed in specific places that will not injure the aesthetics. 
Do not forget that if you still want to remove the containers, they can be removed without the support being damaged (paint, varnish, etc.).

Where to stick the containers?





Disclaimer : Anyone who installs GeckoTox outdoors, including on the outside walls of a building, including on a open balcony,

in an open loggia, does it under his own responsability. The product will no longer be sold to people who have used it outside.



Containers must not be installed in a low position so as not to be struck during human activities.

Exactly in the up corners of door and window frames. Precisely: the outer edge of the small container in alignment with the outer edge of the upright. If you put them there, nobody will notice them. If you put them in the middle of a wall, the efficiency will be the same, but everyone will ask you what it is.

Where professionnals should test GeckoTox before selling it?

As we have no time to waste, it is obviously in the buildings where there are a lot of geckos that it is necessary to test the product. This thought seems stupid, but don't do like someone who was disappointed with the result. The reason for his disappointment: he installed a single bait in a house that was not very infested. He had to wait 3 weeks before a gecko was caught. Once this gecko was killed, this person was surprised that other geckos did not get caught. The only explanation is: because there were no other geckos in this house. 

If you install few containers at your clients', focus on the kitchen. As you can see from this picture, House Geckos love kitchens because these are the places where they can find water and crumbs.

What to explain to your clients?

When there are geckos, they are trapped sooner or later. 

To be trapped early, you need to install enough baits (2 per door and window, especially in kitchens because it's their favorite place at night). 

The effect is not comparable to the immediate impact of a spray on a group of ants.

Its effect is comparable to a mousetrap. This is a random effect, but it is almost certain that after about one month or a season, all geckos or almost all will be eradicated from a building. However baits must be left in place for hatched younglings or newcomers.

The advantage with geckos over mice is that geckos are less intelligent. When they have only been anesthetized without being recovered and thrown away, they will likely come back after a few days or a few weeks to consume the product again.

If they see one of their congeners asleep or killed against a bait, they are not able to make the cause-and-effect relationship with the bait.
On the other hand, they will not consume bait if a dead or sleeping gecko is still nearby. It is, therefore, necessary to remove the geckos as and when without waiting for a long time.

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