the One and Only Product to Get Rid Of House Geckos



The method consists of sticking these little containers on walls, in all rooms, in strategic spots as not to degrade the aesthetics of the site.
Then you pour this blue liquid into.


Step 1 : Stick the small containers to the wall

Step 2 : Place containers in strategic location around the building.

(Location are chosen to maximize efficiency and minimize effects on the building's aesthetics.)


Step 3 : Pour GeckoTox into containers.


Wait and collect sleeping Geckos.



Look for the differences between these left and right photos

have you found?



Height : About 1 inch or 25 millimeters.

Very discreet if installed in the extension of a window or door jamb. No one will notice them.
You can propose to some wealthy clients to paint the containers with the paint of  the walls to increase your profits. 



The adhesive is a sort of tablet past designed to be removed without damaging the paints of the walls. 

In this video, we note that a sticker of adhesive can not damage the mural, nor any other support since when it is removed from a sheet of paper, there is no damage, nor the slightest trace.



The containers are firmly fixed, they do not fall when they are installed indoors.

Four containers were stuck on january 31st, 2005 on the outside wall of my apartment. This photo was taken on february 17th, 2019.
Three containers have fallen during these 14 years.
The last container remains in place yet despite is exposed to the sun from morning to evening, despite several hurricanes with winds of more than 140 kt with 162 kt gusts.
I am waiting to know when the last container will fall.

These 3 sticky pastes could have been removed without a trace, but I left them voluntarily to see their transformation over time.

These other containers were installed indoors at the same date in 2005 on various supports: Carton smooth, Window glass, Raw wood, Matt paint, Ribbed cardboard, Refrigerator metal, Silk curtain, Varnished wood.

None of the hundreds that have been installed indoors in the last 14 years has ever fallen.

What happens then ?


You just have to wait.

When a gecko will arrive around a bait, it will come and drink. Its sense of smell will have detected a delicious product.

It will fall rapidely asleep or sometimes die if it has drunk a lot. It will hang on the wall here or not far away.

Geckos are immobilised geckos almost instantly and the bait has a narcotic effect, slowing down their metabolism resulting in control by hypothermia.


It will not die in an inaccessible hole or behind a refrigerator to rot and stink. If it has the strength to move, it means that it drank very little product, and therefore it will not die.

Get rid of the gecko

Your clients have to use a dustpan and a broom, put it in an outdoor trash or away in their garden.

Always remind that trapped geckos are alive most of the time, they just sleep.

For wealthy clients, you can offer them a subscription to  remove trapped geckos on phone call  within a fews hours instead they have to do it. After a while, they will be used because they will have seen you do it, and will probably do it themselves.

For wealthy clients, or for big companies or big institutions, you can offer a subscription to daily check the presence of geckos and remove them instead their employees have to do it.

Animal-sensitive people can confine the trapped gecko in a box away from predators, and release it away from home when it's awake.

Chemical substance with many advantages


GeckoTox mainly include an active substance which is a narcotic. The excipient include several ingredients intended to make the product attractive to geckos, to incorporate the active ingredients, limit the evaporation of the liquid. The color blue is due to a dye to give it a color as different as possible from food liquids.


Loss of consciousness is rapid and induction is pleasant. This is the copy-paste of U.S. National Library of Medecine - National Center for Biotechnology Information.


Below is a copy-paste of a french pesticide manufacturer explanations who was selling to Pest Control companies:

Used for a long time in human and veterinary medicine as an anesthetic. Has been the subject of many studies.

Acts first as a hypnotic (animal falls asleep), then as toxic, causing hypothermia that can be lethal (animal dies when the absorbed dose is sufficient).

The handling is not dangerous for the users (in the respect of the precautions of use, we are speaking of the active ingredient that is a powder, we are not speaking of the GeckoTox liquid in which the powder is integrated in a very small proportion).

The death of animals is not painful and occurs during their sleep.

It poses no risk to non-target species; animals killed can be safely consumed by other animals (dogs, cats, various predators). 

Allows rapid lethal action, the metabolism is rapidly slowed down and death occurs within hours of ingestion.

Product usable by the general public and professionals. 

Advantage over any other method


I could have developed a spraying system including another active substance, but geckos would have died
in their hiding places, and rot, leaving an unpleasant smell.
It would have been painful for the animal, and unpleasant for humans. 

GeckoTox method allows you to see trapped geckos in open spaces, catch them, and get rid of them immediately.