the One and Only Product to Get Rid Of House Geckos


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How does it work?

When a gecko passes near a container containing the GeckoTox liquid, it will detect an attractive smell. It will come to taste then drink because there are delicious products in the composition. 

- Either it will be anesthetized temporarily (about 24 hours or more) depending on the amount ingested and the size of the gecko.

- Either it will be anesthetized and will die while it sleeps.

In any case, it will remain hung on the wall. In general it will be beside the container or near.

You will notice its condition because it will be suspended from its paws instead of having its usual posture, and because it will have changed color: it will be darker. 

If it wakes up without having been removed, it will continue his life normally but will return to drink occasionally, because this taste will not have left him a bad memory, it will not have realized his state of temporary lethargy.

How long does it work?

Very long time ! One of the first formulations of 2003 continues to be effective. It is less attractive. The geckos detect it less. It does not kill anymore, but it continues to provoke the anesthesia of the geckos.
It will be very effective during about 2 years . After that, it will remain effective but a little less for many years. Geckotox is not an eternal product but almost. Scheduled obsolescence is not our motto.

Does the product have an unpleasant smell?


The odor is not detectable by humans. Only animals with a very fine sense of smell are able to detect it.

What is in the liquid?


The active substance is an anesthetic providing long-lasting light anaesthesia. It is very slightly dosed according to the weight of the animal and according to the desired effect. 

The rest is a secret. 

The main difficulty was to develop an attractive liquid compatible with the physicochemical characteristics of the active substances, that does not evaporate completely after a few days. The evaporation of a small part is fast during the first weeks (impossible to do otherwise). The quantity of liquid was thus determined to 5 ml (0.18 fl oz), to a mark of reference inside the container, so that the remaining is sufficient. Then the fluid continues to evaporate moderately for a year or two. Beyond this period, there is no more evaporation, the liquid becomes pasty but it remains appealing for geckos.

Safety Data Sheet of the active substance (MSDS), 7 pages below:

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5 ml or 0.18 fl oz is the volume of one and half dice like these

Can the containers be placed everywhere inside a building?


In principle yes, because the geckos move a lot when it's dark when humans are gone, therefore they will eventually find bait sooner or later. Nonetheless, it is better to respect specific rules to increase efficiency and aesthetics:

Place containers at the passages between the rooms and with the outside (doors and windows) as to increase the probability of junction.

Put the containers high in the natural areas of life of the geckos.

Place at the top corners of the door and window frames. So your visitors will not notice them.

For sanitary reasons, put more containers in and around a kitchen. The geckos come to taste food debris and to drink in the sinks.

Do not place them at the bottom (risk of shocks and pulling the containers, due to human activities).

Do not place outdoors. The effects on birds are unknown if they drank the liquid. Maybe the smaller birds could be stunned and be more exposed to their predators?

Do not place in the middle of a wall : it would be immediately visible and unsightly. All your visitors will ask you what it is.

What happens if a cat eats a dead gecko?


It means this cat is hungry. Feed him! This means that cat is able to climb the walls like a mountaineer, because geckos remain fixed on the walls. Asleep or dead, they remain hooked.


The amount of active sustance in the liquid is calculated for the weight of a gecko that drinks a very little quantity of bait. The geckos rarely die, because the decision was taken to limit the amount of anesthetic (to make impossible malicious use against humans). All the more reason, the dose ingested by a gecko will be insignificant for an animal of a few pounds like a cat that eats a poisoned gecko.

Remember that baits are placed at the top of the walls in places that are in principle inaccessible to cats and especially dogs. Remember too that small containers do not fall. Know that the amount of liquid in a container is only 5ml, and that in 5 ml there is very little active substance. I would be surprised if a cat wants to drink a blue liquid (blue things to drink and to eat are very rare in nature). His instinct forbids him. If he tasted anyway, a bitter taste will make him regret, he will remember it for a long time.