the One and Only Product to Get Rid Of House Geckos

Who am I? Can You Trust Me?


I am French in my fifties. Former military working during 8 years as a flight engineer. Former "Home Inspector" in civil life (checking specific pathologies in buildings), I had many opportunities to see the House Geckos damage at my clients'.

I am living like you in a country where the geckos are widespread and unpleasant to the inhabitants.

That's the reason why I have decided to find a process to get rid of them.

It took me more than a decade to develop this product. Now, GeckoTox is perfectly efficient and effective on geckos.

You can trust me because I don't ask for money!

Is there a better guarantee?


These offers concern people who have been contacted via  advertising emails.

Free samples

Product's samples are totally free. Free shipping also.

You'll pay your first order after you'll get paid

After you have been convinced of the effectiveness with the samples, then I would ship your first package without you have to pay, we will share the profits after selling. If you can't sell, you don't pay me.

These offfers will not last forever.

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